Why Massage is the last option for Pitting edema.

Pitting edema is a condition which occurs when the body’s circulatory system and lymphatic system fail to reabsorb fluid. This leads to a retention of fluid in the tissues. Edema on the affected body part is characterized by swelling and occasional reddening when pressure is applied. If a finger is applied to the swollen area and it leaves an indentation this condition is referred to as pitting edema.

This form of edema is caused by either systemic illnesses or extreme physical conditions.

In the event of pitting edema, a general massage is not recommended. The uneven pressure on the circulatory system puts undue stress on the heart and this could be potentially life threatening for the patient.

Pitting edema is a stressful diagnosis, regardless of whether the individual is in watch and wait period or undergoing treatment.

Manual lymph drainage and not the classic massage is an effective treatment plan for this type of edema. The approach increases circulation in a more methodical, purposeful and direct way.

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